Friday, November 11, 2016

It's time to get back to the present.
 We have been celebrating the last decade all week long. Wednesday, Bennett's birthday dinner of choice was steak - so off to the Roadhouse we went (there might have been a bit of coaxing toward this establishment, but just a bit.)

Then, it was time for gifts - errrr, the gift.

On Bennett's fourth birthday, he asked for a TV in his room.  Andy and I made the mistake of telling him, "When you're ten."  Of course, he has been reminding us of that every single year - and now - yep - he's ten. And, considering the majority of the time, he is responsible, respectful and has good manners - he got his TV.   In typical Bennett fashion - he created his own regulations for acceptable television use, and promised to still rise up each morning to watch the news with his daddy.

It was a wonderful evening to celebrate - and focus on laughter - and after the kiddos slept, andy and I began the balloon prep.

Thursday, we all went to school and B was able to share his double digits with his friends - and he got so many birthday cards and texts and videos - he felt pretty special. After school we packed up again for Rose - and arrived just in time for chili and cake - a Ham cake, of course.
Friday, the hunt begins again.

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