Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ten Years Ago Today...
mommy went to see her doctor in the morning.  she was anticipating being back at work before lunch.  she was wrong.  i was on TV again.  the doctor told mom that i was fine, but mom could not go back to work.  doc told mommy to go home, and to "wait for your water to break".  well, little did they know, that i was not about to break anything.  i'm a good boy.

mom called colie and told her to come to st. cloud (they were supposed to meet in msp that weekend).  mom called shelly and cried.  mom called principal steve and cried.  mom was not ready to be on 'bedrest' and did not feel prepared to leave her kiddos at school, or to HAVE HER OWN KID at home.  needless to say, my mom was freaking out.  she went home and napped.  that afternoon, mom was in the tub, relaxing her sore muscles.  she called her friend, tiegen.  mommy told tiegen that her tummy had been cramping all afternoon.  tiegen told mom to time her 'cramps' when she got out of the tub.  mommy did, and called daddy to tell him that her 'cramps' were 5 minutes apart, and he needed to get home to bring her to the hospital.  but, on his way, could he please stop and pick up a chicken sandwich from wendy's?  (they have the best chicken sandwiches on this side of town, i'm told.)

daddy arrived home (with the chx sandwich) and he asked if he had time to shower.  mommy packed a bag, and daddy scrubbed up.  at the hospital, mom was again hooked up to machines.  daddy tried to get comfortable in a horrible chair.  they had a long night ahead of them...

I remember it vividly.  I remember AP trying not to look scared, knowing that he was terrified.  But, upon arriving at the hospital, I was not being scared, not a bit.  I knew I should have been - but I wasn't.  I knew you were coming early, BBones.  I knew there was no stopping it.  I also knew you would be perfect (even though I thought you would be a perfect girl...) - however I also knew that your room was not ready.  So we called Papa and told him to bring his paintbrush.

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