Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Grammy and Grampy made it back to the USA just in time for Halloween!!  And, they didn't hesitate to hop in the car and travel again - just so they could walk around and get some treats with their favorite Super Hero and Pirate Eating Shark.  (Yes, Bennett decided - after much deliberation - to be a pirate eating shark...)

Of course, we were joined by the usual suspects in the form the Donut (Paige), the Ladybug (Molls) and OG the...  I'm really not sure what he was... A turtle, maybe? LOL!  Mario (Ricky) pulled the wagon, so we had a place unload overflowing candy bags, and for the Super Hero to take a rest.  GI Joe (Shaun) made sure the sidewalks and streets were clear for crossing.  Mom, Dad, Boo, Andy and I warmed up the apple cider, added a kick - and brought up the rear.

The weather decided to cooperate, a good time was had by all.  Thankfully Bennett made sure we all were home and in bed at a respectable time.  It was a school night, you know.

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