Sunday, November 20, 2016

With the busy fall hunting schedule, Bennett's birthday party was delayed a week.  Remember the toddler boy we told could get a TV when he was 10?  Well, we told that same kid when he was 10 he could have a Best Friend Birthday Party Water Park Adventure!  And, I must say this was one of the best ideas of my life.  We picked up bestie, Andrew and hit up the Brainerd Arrowwood Water Park.  Andrew is just like Bennett - they act the same, they are wicked smart, and they even share the same 4-eyes.  In typical 10 year old man fashion, upon arriving at the park, the boys asked to "rest a bit and watch HGTV" and study for the upcoming geography bee.  No joke.  That being said, I pray nightly these boys will be lifelong friends - as the biggest trouble they will ever get in is having an overdue library book.

The kids had a blast, running - I mean, walking - though the water park, sliding and slipping.  They hit jackpots at the arcade, had endless pizza and 6 sour patch kids, each.  They sang Hamilton lyrics the entire time, and even sketched Ham on their placemats.  It was fun.  I normally wouldn't say a water park was fun, but this time it was just that.  With age come independence - and the ability to swim (responsibility) unattended, so this time the Mister and I were able to sit in our wet suits and enjoy a cocktail.

The boys are already planning next year - they are thinking Vegas, because they heard there's some incredible architecture there.

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