Friday, November 4, 2016

Night One, Weekend One of the Big Hunt...  Bennett was able to open up a few presents early.  Grammy and Grampy we so prepared, and the Boy was loaded up with all new hunting gear: boots, gloves, hat, jacket, vest, thermos...  Everything a hunter could need (even though, the weather is looking like shorts and sunscreen will be the wardrobe of choice)

Bennett wasn't the only one drowning in gifts - as Grammy unloaded her souvenirs from the great South American Adventure!  Bracelets, and jewels, and table runners, T-shirts (duh), coffee!!!, and a Mayan Jade birth necklace.  Oh - and bottle openers, and dresses and hats...  AND a slingshot, and dolls and headbands...  Ha!  And then, there was the 90 minute video created by the cruise line, where Andy and I were lucky enough to catch a glimpse or two of our favorite travelers.

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