Sunday, December 4, 2016

When my new friend, AMK, invited the Mister and me to HollyBall, I laughed.  Andy has worked this black tie event for years, and always came home complaining about the guests, food, preparation and execution of this grand fundraiser.  I have always wanted to attend, and decided it couldn't hurt to ask... towards the end of happy hour...  my request was granted!  I like to think that the years have matured Mr. Prose, and I'm sure the tonic helped.

We we booked the sitters (Grammy and Grampy to the rescue!!), selected the wardrobe (rent the runway!!),

and scheduled an appointment with my glam squad (Hey, Boo?  You busy this morning?)

After the pre-party, we checked our coats and the extravaganza began.  I kept my camera (what I call my phone when Andy starts rolling his eyes at me...) in my pocket most of the evening. (Ummmm - yes!  I know what you're thinking!  My dress.  Had.  Pockets.)  A formal sit down four course meal was followed by a ballet performance and then after dinner drinks and dancing.  We had so much fun - and I think we really did make real new friends in the Kimbles.  I'm already planning for next year

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