Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My facebook memory for today made me smile, and get all teary (and not because I potentially have pink eye, either - although it doesn't help...)  The above sweet girl is five years older, and this morning I got kind of snippy with her.  Yet again, I awoke to her crawled up in my bed, under the covers in her PJs (ie: undies).  Her thumb in her mouth, her little feet pushing me out of bed.  I reluctantly got in the shower, and proceeded to get myself ready.  When I went to wake the princess, she whined saying "I need snuggles.  you know I need snuggles to wake up, mama..."  I was annoyed, and said "No.  Get up and get moving."

It's been five years, and she has needed snuggles to wake, and snuggles to nap, and snuggles to go to bed.  When this picture popped up on my feed, I realized that while it has been five years, it feels like a breath.  And soon, she won't need as many snuggles.  Let's face it, the girl will always need snuggles, but not this many and prob not always from me.   So, when I get home, she's gonna get some snuggles - but maybe from Bennett or Daddy - because if this really is pink eye, I don't want to snuggle too much...

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