Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ricky asked if he could bring the kids sledding after school, to which I responded, "Yes!  Thank you!  Just please have them home by 3:30 because we have plans."  I know.  Not what you were predicting right?  It gets better.  Wait until I tell you our plans...  We had scheduled after school cookie baking fun with our new friends, AnneMarie and R & L!  (I know, I know!  Really not what you were predicting.  New friends, and baking and kid friendly fun on a school night??  I am growing up, I guess.)

The kiddos were home and snacking with hot coco when I arrived,
and we packed up our baking supplies and headed across the 'burb to AMK's.  We made 4 different kinds of cookies in under two hours, and the kids played and frosted and played some more.  Next time, B is bringing his skates for the backyard rink, H is bringing her new doll to show Regan and I am bringing wine.  Next time, let's skip the baking.

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