Friday, December 30, 2016

Our NYE tradition would not be broken this year, just modified a bit.  Instead of meeting Nicole and the Jacobsons in MSP and staying in a fancy hotel, we decided to travel to Madison and stay somewhere...  The Prose family was super excited about the twists in our usual plan - change is so exciting!  We looked at a couple hotel options, but with 7 adults and four children the choices were too small and too expensive.  So, we got airbnb'd ourselves a house on the west side - but wait, I am getting ahead of myself...  First...

Andy and I decided to lengthen our mini-vacation and shorten time on the road by staying at one of his Stillwater hotels.  After shopping for a new mustache shirt (for AP this time), the best supper club dinner ever, a few hours in the pool, and an early bed time - we hit the road to WISCO.

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