Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bennett has always been a scientist - he wonders and questions and analazes everything - even concrete facts are up for debate in his mind.  The Fourth Grade Inventors' fair at ORE has been something he has anticipated and discussed since entering kindergarten.  Over 100 students will apply to share their inventions at said fair, and only twenty will be selected to participate.  Below is Bennett's letter of intent. 

*This letter was written entirely by Bennett.  It was completely typed when I got home from school.   The only revisions I suggested were a couple commas and the date in the top left.  This kid - he may not be a scientist when he gets taller, but he's definitely gonna be something.

Dear Mrs.Hagen,

I’m very interested in the inventers fair. My invention is a carrying device that holds your phone while you walk across the street blocking all signals so you don’t get text or phone calls in the middle of the street so a car doesn’t hit you.

My invention could solve the number of deaths because of distracted walking on the street. Most of people 21-25 are the people getting hurt and when people have crossed the street they can take it out of the holder.  The amount of deaths in 2010 is about 1,506 that is a LOT.  As you can see they are a lot of problems with people not paying attention on the streets.

How will I make it you ask? Well, I will use fabric to make a carrying case and in line that with copper so it will block all signals. I will also use a loop or Velcro to attach it to your person.  I could also use another piece of fabric to hold wallets car keys etc. This is what my invention will be made of.

My current commitments include guitar, which is every other Thursday, but right now I am on a break. My vacations are one in February from the 23 to the 26 and spring break in March But I still can work during the vacation in February. This is my schedule.
There already an invention for this but for a car, made by my friend and fellow inventor Mitch Bain. Mine is very different, mine is for pedestrians on the street and it has a pocket and attaches on you.

All in all I think I stated some good ideas for my invention I hope you choose me. Thank you for reading.

Bennett D. Prose


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