Saturday, December 31, 2016

Upon arrival at our airbnb on the west side, I was underwhelmed.  Later, the Virgos would both call it an "old hippie house" and I while I like to think I have hippie characteristics, I immediately wanted a fancy hotel room.  Andy quickly read my energy (and that of the house) and I'm pretty sure he began looking for the above mentioned room, as I pretended like it was the greatest house ever.  And, as soon as my favorite sister and favorite bestie arrived, it was just that - the greatest house ever.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly situations can change, simply by changing the energy surrounding the situation.

With the arrival of my favorites, the fun also arrived (and likely some relief for AP, as he soon found out he didn't have to find a fancy hotel room).  The Eve Day began with presents

And as we all dressed for dinner, the first of many photo opps.  

 ummmm, they really are the cutest - and quite possibly - trouble.

As Eve Eve approached, and we were miraculously all dressed in time for our Ubers, we headed to Tempest for more pics,

and the promised fancy meal.  All day, Bennett had been talking about getting crab legs - which seemed like a very reasonable request, considering Tempest is a lovely seafood restaurant.  When the menu arrived, crab was definitely on the menu - King Crab, to be exact, and it was also the most expensive item listed.  The next 20 minutes a typical Prose scenario followed.  Andy tried to convince Bennett to just get the King Crab - who cares about the cost, it's new year's eve!!!  Bennett flip flopped, knowing it was excessive, got a bit teary, yet still wanted the white meat. I gave several - not only reasonable, BUT MUCH BETTER - options for smaller portions of crab.  In the end, Bennett got the king crab. (Dang, it. AP wins again.)
End scene.

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