Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ok - it's time to de-Christmas and move on with winter break.  And while we get no sympathy from the Mister, our winter break is so short this year!!!  Only one week to cram in play dates and closet cleaning and a day of TV watching and NYE prepping!  So today, we took down both trees early in the morning, and all the decorations, so we could have playTiME!!  Bennett was whisked away to Andrew's for boot hockey and sledding and a movie, and and Harper's hosted her very first non-neighbor sleepover.  This momentous event included a girls day at the movies (SING!  might just be the best movie of the year) and loaded ice cream sundaes, and just a tear or two at bedtime.  Tears from K, as her bestie fell asleep before her (shocking, I know...).  Even with the tears shed, it was a success - and next time - Harper thinks she will stay at Keely's house.  Maybe... or maybe not...

Bennett and Andrew went to a different show at a different time, but probably had just as much sugar as the girls above.

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