Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daddy went fishing, and left us home alone on this beautiful beautiful Sunday.  We decided to pretend like it was spring.  I must clarify, however, Harper was not playing this pretend game, because she promised to learn to ride her bike this spring, but it's really not spring yet, so she didn't have to ride her bike, she could just ride her scooter, because it's REALLY NOT SPRING YET. Aren't you glad I cleared that one up?

We rode our bikes/scooter to the park, and took the long way home.
 I had to convince Bennett to ride though the giant puddles.  He didn't think it was safe, no one could tell how deep it actually was, and who knew what was under there??  He didn't want his pants to get wet, or his bike to freeze.  I leaned over to Harper and said "Go, Harps!!" and off she went though the puddle.  Bennett looked at me, looked at the puddle, shrugged his shoulders, and (slowly) pedaled though.  After he decided that the sky wouldn't fall if he splashed through the wetness, he did it again and again - with a giant grin.  For Harper, once was enough.

These two little loves are just enough for me...

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