Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dear Hazel Ranae,

     Happy happy birthday!!!  Oh sweet Hazel, we have been waiting and waiting for your arrival. From my perspective, it has gone by super quick. It feels like last week, your Mama and I were on the beach, talking about your possibilities, and what the new year would bring. (Not sure your Mom's perspective is the same...)

 Quite early this mild January morn, I started texting your Mama. And, even though your Daddy did an excellent job kept me posted throughout the morning, I could not escape school fast enough.  It was different for me to be so far away - I needed to see your mom, to meet you. 

Thankfully, you arrived with a far less dramatics, than your sister.  (But, I'm certain you will make up for that in the coming weeks.  Maybe even days.) Upon the arrival to your room, I sat with your Mom and gave your Grandmother some time to snuggle.  Soon, though, a perfect round head, 8# 10 oz and 20.5 inches was placed in my arms - and there are really no words to describe it.  Like Lola, your birth teaches me so much, and changes my perspective on so many levels.

I used to kind of roll my eyes when other people would call babies/kids- who were not their own - "my baby" - thinking, "Ummmm no.  It's not YOUR baby. It's actually MY baby" But when you were placed in my arms, that was my first thought - a part of you was mine. I felt this overwhelming love and sense responsibility, a desire to protect and excitement for watching you grow, and anticipation for what you will bring to the world.  I believe it really does take a village, and I am so unspeakably happy that our little village grew a +1 with your arrival.

Welcome to the world, Little Nut.  Welcome to the world.

(Hey, Lola.  It Hazel's birthday - but you really get the best present ever - a sister.  You will have a live in playmate, a keeper of your secrets and a partner in pranks.  Hazel may steal your toys, borrow your clothes, require extra attention from your parents, and cry over every little thing - but she will also love you - like no other.  I know this to be true.  You lucky ducks. XOXO)

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