Friday, January 1, 2016

One year ago today, I sat enjoying the best New Year's Day brunch ever at the Blackbird Cafe, with my favorite.  On this day, I decided that my resolution would be to blog every single day during the year 2015.
While this definitely seemed like a lofty goal, I was pretty certain it was attainable.  So, I was not surprised when it just became habit, and those living at the 1407 adjusted to my shouts of "Oh wait!  Let me get a pic!  This will be a great blog post!"  In fact, after time, they would say, "Hey!  Blog post??"  

It only seemed fitting that we would end where we began, enjoying brunch, at the Blackbird Cafe, with my favorites.

Not to be cliche, but 2015 was a total year of love and loss.  A year of laughter and tears.  A year of new friends and leaving some of the old.  A year of new employment opportunities, community involvement and house projects.  Looking back through the posts, I found myself laughing a crying and being filled with incredible gratitude.  There are no other words to describe it.  

I've been asked (by my most faithful followers), "So, will you continue to blog every day?"  I can tell you this - it is not my resolution this year, but old habits are hard to break. 


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