Thursday, January 28, 2016

Each day, Harper has homework called a "flip book".  Most of them are rhyming books.  The "teacher" reads 3 words, and Harper must make a fourth rhyming word.  Or, the "teacher" reads 3 words, and H must say the beginning sound...  There have months and months of these books.  Harper is smart - but some days (ok - mornings, this only seems to happen in the mornings) her processing is a bit sluggish - or she is easily distracted - or her pony tail is too tight - or her socks are squishing her toes - and it takes fOrEvEr for her to shout out her answer.  Not gonna lie - some days I get a bit frustrated, and have things that need to be done before the school bus arrives.  On these days, guess who dons his cape, and swoops in to our rescue?
You know it.

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Judy Chirco said...

All super hero's need a cape =)