Monday, January 18, 2016

Reason number #3 the move to Sartell was a good move. MLK Day is not a PD Day!!  Whoop whoop!  As Bennett said yesterday, "Raise your hand if you don't have to go to school tomorrow!!" and three hands shot up, and Andy sighed one big sad sigh...

This day at home was one of those moments when I stood and stared at my kids, and thought "Holy cow.  What happened to my babies?  Where did these big kids come from?"  and then laughed out loud, at HOW AWESOME THEY ARE!!

No, they are not awesome solely because they can now complete chores effectively and efficiently - even though that is pretty incredibly awesome - but they are awesome because they are growing into people who want to help.  They ask what they can do next.  They love to be with each other, and be near their mama.  They request that the TV is turned off and the music is turned up.  They sing and laugh and dance.

Oh - and they clean effectively.  Did I mention that?

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