Friday, January 15, 2016

It was a first. Bennett came home requesting a sleepover. We've never had a "real" sleepover, and couldn't really think of any reason not to extend the invitation.  Plans were made, and Andrew was dropped off around 5pm (with a giant duffle bag that indicated he may be staying longer than one night...) I chatted  with Mama Hackenmuller (it being Andrew's first over nighter, too), and the boys disappeared.

We didn't see much of them, but knew all was well by the giggles heard from the basement. Andrew and Bennett have a lot in common. They are old men, stuck in boy bodies. They compete with each other on using big vocabulary words and talkpolitics (they both agree that Trump is an idiot - and both looked at my apologetically when using the word "idiot"). 

They told me that they were going to "pull and all nighter" but decided 10pm was probably more appropriate. Most of the evening was spent watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" and playing chess.
I really shouldn't be surprised that Bennett made such a responsible choice for a best friend - and I'm not -  it really makes this mama happy. 

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