Saturday, January 16, 2016

Boo and I made (roughly)175 (roughly) 1 year ago.  Our freezers have been empty for months, and there have been many conversations about making more.  But, busy lives - ok really just Boo's busy lives - have made it difficult to schedule.  Until she emailed me and said "January 16 you are busy.  Making burritos." and the date was blocked off on the calendar.

This year, I was pretty much on riding on easy street.  Boo bought all the groceries, Ricky grilled all the chicken, "we" prepped the vegetables Thursday night (ummmm.... yeah, Boo prepped all the vegetables, I watched and visited and participated in Happy Hour.), Friday, I prepped the hamburger.  Saturday morning rolled around, and the Prose Family took their sweet time before heading across the yard (which means, more work was done without our help.  By the time we arrived, "we" had prepared 60 plain burritos for the kids.)

Last year, it took us all day - literally - to roll and wrap 175 burritos.  This year, in half the time, we doubled our supply by stocking 276 burritos in two freezers.  Huge thanks to the Statsick team, especially for several shopping trips, and the wonderful prep kitchen.  I wonder how long these will last???
While the adults worked - the kids played with a giant bubble.

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