Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trimester One report cards came home - and boy was the Boy excited to share his numbers!!  With flair and gusto and an impromptu drumroll, the report was laid out on the table, and each section read aloud.  Bennett takes school very seriously - and it shows on the data.  He received all 3s (standard met) and 4s (standard exceeded).  He was especially proud of his 4s on "effort" and "reading comprehension".
While Harper was excited about her report card, she was more excited about the house she drew for her mama during free choice time.  She gave me the report, then went to go play in her room.  I read each section aloud, and smiled.  Like her sibling, Harper received all 3s and 4s - and her "effort" and "number sense" exceeds the standard.

Two proud students and the proudest (Is that a word??  I think it's the correct superlative...) parents. 

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