Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Grand new year tradition continues, and was extended as the kiddos and I hit up the city a day early. Matt and T got Bennett a day on the slopes - which might just be the best present ever - and this gift also got me a day with my bestie - totally the best present ever.

We arrived at 10am, and the boys were off within minutes; both sporting silly grins. T, Lo, H and I took the scenic route so we could be the first through the Surly doors.
After a quick check on the sweet little Nut, we went to our grand hotel home for presents, and crafts and chocolates - and no word from the mighty snowboarders... They arrived a few hours later, with rosy cheeks, tired eyes and still those silly grins.
When Lola saw B, all was right in the world.
But, I could have told her that hours ago.

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