Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ok.  It's Saturday.  We have been laying in an infestation of germs for  four days too long...  It's time to get up and moving.  It's time to clean (again) and shop (again) and watch Star Wars??  Feeding into the Star Wars frenzy - it was a family discussion that "we" (bennett, harper and I) have never seen Star Wars.  Not a single one.  Andy needed to remedy that, so upon shopping, a special deluxe multi movie pack was purchased - and we went directly home to watch.

Those who know us best, are probably raising their eyebrows at this.  And you are right - the excitement of StarWars was great - so great that Andy and Bennett both fell asleep within minutes, and Harper and I snuck away. I had some baking to finish, and H needed to paint her nails, and then we creeped upstairs watch ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas.

Then, we hit up the tavern for some good food and a new winter cocktail list.
 The Prose Family is officially on the mend...  
Thank goodness because Christmas starts tomorrow at the River!

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