Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time for #2!!!  We packed up the Tundra, and hit the sunny pavement for our favorite tree farm, B&J Evergreen.  It is the best - with tons of beautiful greenery and activities for the entire family.  With the weather topping out at 40+*, we made a day of it.  First, to find the perfect tree with long needles. It was a split decision, so we opted to draw from a hat.  Long wins!  
After the ceremonial standing ovation, as Daddy chopped down the tree, the kids and I hopped on the tailgate and sang Christmas songs.  (Seriously.  It was quite Norman Rockwell.)  
Then, a sleigh ride through the woods,
a petting zoo with goats and burros,
a horse ride
and a chat with the Big Guy!
(gasp!!  This is as close as Harper has ever gotten to actually making eye contact with Santa.  Making progress, making progress...)  Bennett requested a fainting goat.  Yes - he asked for a fainting goat.  Santa smirked at me, and told the Boy that he wasn't sure he would be delivering live animals this year, he would have to check - and then asked for any other options.  Nope.  Just a goat, please. 

Heading home, and letting the tree rest, it was time again to turn up the music,
and warm up the cider and get some games
this week's partner in crime.  
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