Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sweet Harper has been making me practice my patience (even more) lately.  She really likes her baby of the family status.  In her world, this means that everyone does every thing for her.  And her world is actually pretty accurate - her only problem is that she's still trying to convince Mama of this structure.

Andy and Bennett (being the exact same person) like to cater to her needs - and know that it's just easier to do things for her.  This is where we disagree.  And, we have had several conversations about helping our baby girl grow into a big girl with responsibility.  Just to clarify, "responsibility" is  like opening the snack cupboard and getting your own snack, and not sitting in bed yelling down for Daddy - or Bennett - to get you one, and bring it upstairs, in the Mickey Mouse bowl with some water, too, please???!!!  Or putting on your own socks instead of making Daddy do it because you are just too tired and the paper cut on your finger just hurts SOOOOOOOOOOO bad...

Harps is smart, and she knows what works for Daddy doesn't always work for Mama. But, she's also stubborn, and keeps trying to break me down.  Tonight, she got out of the tub, and was "so freezing, mama.  SOOOOOOO freezing!!!!!".  I told her to pick up her robe and put it on.  She said she couldn't because she was too cold, and she just wanted mama to do it.

No.  No, Harper, I will not pick up your robe and put it on you.  Take a step.  Pick it up.  Put it on.

Harper cried for 15 minutes, dripping in bath water and tears.  Andy came up stairs to see what was wrong, and I told him to go away.  Bennett tried to come up stairs and I told him to turn around.  Harper cried and cried and cried.  And then, she put on her robe.

Mama - 1 Harps - 0

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