Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Harper was the first one up today.  She gently rubbed my cheek and said, "Get up, Mommy!!  Today's the day!!  Today's the glitter day!!!!"  Yes, H.  It is.  Did you know that today Harper is officially 5 1/2?  And, with her #6 arriving after school is out, she gets to celebrate her 1/2 birthday today.  This is a big deal.  She purchased treats for her class (pencils and erasers and stickers - "healthy" treats) and it is also her share day.  But, most exciting, is that Harper gets to walk down to Mrs. Olson's room - her beloved art teacher - even though it is not an art day.  Mrs. Olson has special birthday dust, that she sprinkles over children on their birthday.  Harper has been waiting and waiting for it to be her turn to bask in the glitter shower.  And - TODAY'S THE DAY!  

This entire situation has created - yet another - change of mindset for me.  As a teacher, there are birthdays every day.  It's always someone's birthday, and honestly, it gets a little old.  "Yeah, you!  Happy birthday!  I'd love a cupcake - that you stuck your finger in.  Sure!  Let's sing, again! Yeah!!!"  And, then you add 1/2 birthdays to the classroom?  Urgh - aren't whole birthdays enough?  Well, seeing the excitement for Harper this morning reminded me that to every kid, their birthday is ThEIR day, and they deserve to feel as special as sweet Harper feels sprinkled in glitter and wearing her birthday crown.  
Thank you, Mrs. Olson.  Thank you.  

I just wish I would have got a cupcake or something...  The birthday girl had to settle for leftover Halloween Starbusts.

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