Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So, the Littlest Nut is arriving next week.  We can't even believe it, and are so excited for our newest member.  Harper asked me every single day, "Is it Lola's sister's birthday today??"  I keep telling her "maybe...", but I should probably just say her birthday is January 6th (as scheduled, because we know, all births go exactly as scheduled...)

I have been working on a  lovely blanket for the Nut for weeks - I actually started in in November thinking I would have it ready just in case - and while I noticed a stitch dropped here and there, I though it was not a big deal...  Ummmm... yeah, it actually ended up being a problem, and while I'm sure T's sweet sweet babe will really have no issues with a blanket that is a bit - dare I say "wavy"? It was  driving me Nuts.  (pun intended) Unless, January 6th ends up being a birthday celebration, your first gift may just been a little late... 
So, take your time, baby.  GG's got some work to do.

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