Friday, May 29, 2015

I have one more day to mourn the loss of MES, and then I must begin my excitement for PME.  Below is the goodbye message I sent to prior to my departure.  It is important to me to remember my time, as these last years made me the teacher that I am today. 
Employees of 912:
When I started teaching my mother told me 2 things.
        -Besides the kids - the most important people in the building are the custodial staff and whomever sits behind the front desks.
        -You have no idea what you are doing - but that's ok.

She was right, and fortunately, she also told me how to resolve the second issue.  Mom told me to seek out the extraordinary teacher, and listen carefully.  She told me to say what they said, and do exactly what they did.  She told me to steal if necessary (although, I quickly found out teachers willingly share brilliant - and not so brilliant - ideas).  

I always listen to my mother - and that is exactly what I did when I accepted my job in Milaca.  Seeking out the extraordinary teacher was simple - every single classroom contained one.  And, it is because of you that I am the educator I am today.  There are no words to express my gratitude.

So before Bistrup deletes all my existing accounts - if you need me try
And, please someone - ask Lundeen to play if he is sitting on the Buddy Bench.  He's shy.

Always A Proud Milaca Teacher
I was so incredibly sad to leave my families, and break up with my partner, and not eat lunch with my team every day. 
On the way home, I was seriously contemplating my decision, and thinking I still had time to pull my letter of resignation.
Until I walked in the door.
I know I made the right choice for these little people, and that is the right choice for the mister and me, too.

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