Sunday, March 27, 2016

We awoke on Easter morn, and no Bunny was captured (and the ground was covered in snow!!) - but he did leave umbrella baskets for the kids!!  This was quite creative for the Bunny - now each child has their very own umbrella, filled with goodies.  H's umbrella included some crafts, and bubbles and chalk and candy.  B's umbrella was filled with baseball gloves, a water bottle, a ball bounce-back thing and candy.  Fortunately, for Mama and Daddy there was plenty of candy and it was all the "good kind".
By late afternoon, as the snow melted, the kiddos began seeing droppings of eggs all around our yard.  I guess that Bunny had left some eggs to hunt, too!  The Morningstar gang was able to fill their buckets with more good candy - AND QUARTERS!

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