Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reason #4 why Sartell was a good move...  When your daughter leaves her gloves in your car, and your husband drives to your work to retrieve them.  He is able to bring them to daughter's school and complete the drop off even before she gets off the bus.  Aforementioned Husband locks the keys in the car because apparently he is unaware that his Wife leaves key in the car and unlocked every day.  Upon discovering the locked doors, Wife hitches a ride to get kids and is dropped off at home by new friend.  When the Husband gets home, he runs to get the car.  Literally.  Runs.  And, is still home in time for cocktails.

Bennett's words of wisdom as we were dropped off at the 1407, "Thank goodness you made one friend, mom."  Yep, thank goodness.

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