Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today, my mister turned 39.  He didn't want anything special, no presents or fuss.  It's just a regular day, and he wanted to do whatever we wanted to do.  (aside note:  Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for watching the Littles last night, so we could properly celebrate the last night of 38.
However, I'm pretty sure I was pretending it was my birthday, instead.)

So - of course - I suggested putting up the Christmas lights. (For real this year - like on the peaks of the house, with the big bulbs. Oh - and finish B's basketball hoop, too...)
Andy loves a project (and although would never admit it publically or privately, he loves a "to do" list).  

Now, don't think that there was no celebrating going on at the 1407.  Andy was showered in flannel lumberjack gifts,
and had my new friend make his very favorite banana cream pie - with real vanilla bean, and white chocolate in the homeade crust...

Happy birthday, Love.  Our house wouldn't be nearly as bright
without you.

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