Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday morning 10am-12pm, Bennett Daniel Prose invited nine of his closest friends to the AirMAXX Trampoline Park.  I must say, it was the ideal venue for 3rd grade boys (and even Mama had quite a good time jumping around).  They ran - they jumped - they ran and jumped some more.
 There was a foam pit, and a wicked game of dodgeball.
After some pizza and cake was shoved in their mouths, (literally - shoved with their hands)
and the gifts opened,
and lots and lots of yelling and pushing and rough housing, AP convinved the manager on duty to let them run and jump some more.  (Thank you, thank you thank you.)

It was a success - and everyone left tired and intact.  It was decided that next year, we would evolve into the "invite one friend for a sleepover - maybe at the local water park - birthday party" vs the "invite ten screaming yelling pushing boys over and watch mom lose her mind birthday party".

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