Saturday, November 7, 2015

Before the sun rose over Rose, the mighty hunters awoke and packed their gear.  They headed to the woods for Bennett's first hunt.  I didn't think we would hear from them, so was surprised when just a few hours later, I received a text that they had their first TWO deer.  Not one, but two!  And both were taken down by the Prose men.  I wouldn't say I was proud, but definitely excited for them.  Until I received the next text that said, "WITH THE TRUCK!!"oi.
 Andy and Bennett smashed into two deer, even before getting to the hunting shack.  The hunters were just fine - the truck - not so much.

As the Safar/Prose family hunt continued, I got in some quality time with Harps.  We watched a bit of TV, crocheted and waited for the Grammys to awake - then it was time for shopping and a stop at our favorite soft serve ice cream joint.  
Then, cards and singing and piano playing and lots and lots of reading to Great Grandma.

Andy and Bennett got home around 7pm - with tired, rosy cheeks.  It was a good day - one filled with love and memories and the most deer the family has bagged in years. Apparently, they think the Boy is their good luck charm - so be just has to come back.

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