Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dear Bennett Daniel,
Somehow, I woke up and you were nine today.  Nine.  I have no idea how this happened, and sometimes think it might actually be an alternate universe that we are living in...  How could time possibly go so incredibly fast?  There are many things I can do, but slow this life down is not one of them.

This morning, you smiled your sweet smile, and said, "Mommy, do you think I'm getting too big?  Growing up too fast?"  You looked worried. (You look worried a lot, we will keep working on that...)  Honestly, I was a little teary, birthdays are kinda emotional for me, and I was thinking something like that.  But, here's the truth.  No, Bennett Daniel.  No, I do not think you are growing up to fast.  I think you are growing up just simply perfect.  I do get emotional when I think about how you are growing into an incredible young man with character and strength and so much wisdom.

I am so grateful for many things - including that you came first.  You are the single most important person to your sister, and I know she will need you, and you her, as life continues.  Your relationship is unquestionably the most important one you will have, and here's the crazy thing - you already know. How you know, I have no idea, but you do.  I am grateful for your problem solving, intellect and wisdom - which is beyond 9 years.  You are so responsible and independent, yet all mixed up with being thoughtful and kind.  You read people and emotion well (just remember not to take on their worry and hurt), and try your best to make others happy.

One of the statements in your Birthday Book, was that it is now 1/2 way complete.  In exactly nine more years, we will be visiting you at college.  And, based on our discussion today, it will likely be on the east coast, as you study mechanical engineering, in preparation for your gig at NASA.

So, my little ninja - know that Daddy and I are so proud of you, we wouldn't slow down this train if we could because we are so incredibly excited to see what the next nine bring.

                                   Our love to you -  Always and forever and no matter what, B-bone.


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