Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Andy emailed me today and "asked" if he could go to an auction this evening.
     A) there is no need to ask permission, however I do appreciate the conversation
     B) absolutely.  and take the boy with you.

Andy loves a good auction, and I have put in my time walking around looking at all kinds of junk that auctions provide.  With the ninja growing up (and being an identical - shorter - specimen of his father), it is now appropriate to bring him to activities like the one stated above.  Unfortunately, sweet Gnomeo is not quite old enough to attend an auction on a school night, so alas, Mama had to stay home. (Amen, sista!!)

Harper was tired, and as soon as AP and B left the homestead, she was curled up under the heating blanket.  I went to the kitchen to make some eggs, and when I climbed the steps 4 minutes later, she was sound asleep.  I swiftly and quietly scooped her up and tucked her right into bed - at 5:34pm.

This left me with a silent house, and my DVR.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Aside note:  Andy had two items he bid on - one for me
and one for him.
 He missed out, but there has to be another auction soon... 

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