Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why stop now?  I packed up the kiddos and headed to Rose Lake for a one night stay.  Our favorite California cousins were on a Midwest vacation and we just couldn't miss them!  Growing up, we would go to CA every couple years, and they would come to MN every couple years, and I remember always feeling like we saw each other every weekend.  "It was never weird." is how I explained it to my parents, and of they replied "Of course it wasn't weird, you are family."  (Aside note - it very well could have been weird.  We have plenty of weird family... LOL!)

It was a first time visit to MN for Steven's kids - and it made me so happy to watch the next generation play.  When we went home, I asked Bennett if it is was "weird" meeting and playing with the kids.  And he said "No, mom.  They are our cousins, right?" and went back to his book.  Yes, B, they are your cousins.  And now I am planning a beach vacation.

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