Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Every summer we make a "summer to do list", and it includes items for each member of the family.  Some of the projects are bigger (paint the bathroom) and some are smaller (clean the shelf in your room).  We try to cross off one item each day we are home.  One thing on for Harper was "Learn how to ride your bike." and this has been on the list for 2 summers.  We have practiced and practiced and wiped many tears (not from falling, just from talking about riding a bike).  I told Harper that today was the day.  She was going to ride her bike (here come the tears).  This situation required some of my best tough love techniques.  It went something like this.

me:  Harper.  You can ride your bike.  I know you can. and we are crossing it of the list today.
H: NOOOOOO, I can't!!!!
me: Harps.  Add one more word.
H: NOOOOOO, I can't.... yet...
me: ok - here's the strategy, we are going to practice twice a day.  morning and afternoon.  I will help you, each time.  but, you WILL practice.
H: NoooOOOO, Mama!!  I can't do it....
me: Harps?
H: yet.
me: yep - but you will.  and it will be much easier for you to see if you are not crying so wipe your tears and let's go.

Harper had been taught what I like to call "The Power of Yet".  I teach that word to my students and my biologicals.  Just adding that one little word holds so much power.  You can't do it, yet... but you will.  And Harper also knew that I was serious, and she knew that we would be practicing.  So, she wiped her eyes and that girl rode her bike.

 And then Mama had to wipe her own tears.

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