Thursday, June 8, 2017

So, in all my suburban stay at home mom glory, naturally I started a book club.  (While I can't take full credit for the creation of this club, I definitely am co-chair.)  This is a book club in which one actually reads a book and prepares for  discussion.  In full disclosure, I have started several other book clubs that are synonymous with 'happy hour' where there is actually no required reading...

The founding mothers met at the 1407 to discuss the literary elements in "A Man Called Ove" a novel based on relationships across generations highlighting love and loss (and a bit of a snoozer...).

 There was vivid discussion on the text, and some other topics of conversation, as well.
Next up - "Reconstructing Amelia" a novel that investigating the world of social media and cult-like clubs of private prep schools.

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