Friday, June 9, 2017

June 9th is finally here!!  Holy moly it's birthday day!  (As everyone quietly breathes a collective sigh of relief because the excitement has been a bit overwhelming...)

We began with a trip to the mall, and Harper said a bit out of the blue that she was ready to get her ears pieced.  Bennett and I glanced at each other, and then dropped all other plans to get to Claire's before she changed her mind.  After checking with Daddy that he was ok with the procedure, we met Nicole (which was a sign for Harper that this we meant to be.)

Harper didn't even flinch, and swallowed her tears - and then selected some panda (because apparently they are her favorite animal) stuffed animal and earrings.

Then, after the obligatory photo shoot while waiting for Grammy and Grampy to arrive, we went to her selected birthday restaurant Texas Roadhouse (which did require just a bit of convincing, because her first choice was Buffalo Wild Wings...)

 And, then presents!!!  And, oh boy there were presents.  Grampy - in all his retired spare time - had been working in secret on  refurbishing our old vanity.  Years ago, Grampy went to an auction and brought it home for Nicole and me, and he has been keeping it for his beloved granddaughter.

 And it turned out beautifully.

 Happy #7 sweet Harper.  You are certainly our Gemini gypsy  - gentle, affectionate, curious, with a tendency to be nervous and indecisive.  You are a true twin, and you always surprise us with your unexpected and dramatic reactions to situations.  You love writing and sharing your stories - and then drift away for quiet time all alone. Watching you grow up has been the best movie ever - thank you for letting us be a part of the show.

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