Saturday, February 13, 2016

Months ago, I told AP that I would love to go to Vegas for my 38th birthday and see Britney.  There was some talk, a few internet searches, and some more talk.  As the day approached, I knew my chances of a long weekend in Sin City, wasn't going to happen.  Instead, the Mister planned (almost) the next best thing - and booked us a room at the Grand Casino. (LOL!)  We packed up the Volvo with kids to drop at the River and coin to drop in the slots.

While we were "playing adult games at a place only adults can go" the kids were enjoying some long over due Papa and Grandma time.  I'm told Harps and Grandma did hours of coloring and playing Queen (wanna guess who was the Queen?), and Bennett drove the sled - all by himself - in circles, for hours, on the river - while Papa watched from afar.

I'd say we all won big.

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