Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Harper's class earned a party for making their goal.  I'm not exactly sure what the goal was, but H was pretty pumped about the possibility of a party.  The class voted on how to celebrate, and they decided on a PJ/stuffed animal/blanket day.  My initial response was, "Really???  REALLY!?!?!?  A bring your blanket to school day??  Thanks, Mrs. Hurdt!!"  Knowing that Mrs. H had no idea of the battles we have fought to ensure that Harper keeps her coveted blanket in her bedroom during the school day.

Days before the party, the discussion began.  You may bring a blanket to school.  You may not bring your pink blanket.  You may bring a stuffed animal to school.  You may not bring Douglas (the favorite stuffed dog).  You may wear 2 piece PJs to school.  You may not wear a nightgown.  And, if there is any report of you sucking your thumb during the school day, YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE, MISSY!!

Looks like the party was a success for the almost 1st graders. :)

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