Monday, September 7, 2015

We completed our kinder homework, as Harper had to read a book before school and list the three things she did to prepare for the upcoming adventure.  Step 1: Find my locker.  Step 2: Go shopping.  Step 3:  Get a haircut (yeah, that was just for pretend).  She's ready to rock with Mrs. Hurdt and friends.

As I put each kiddos to bed tonight, I snuggled a bit longer with them.  Actually, until they fell asleep.  I had a "oh my - where did the time go?" moment, as I stared at my little big boy and thought about how much he has grown over the summer.  Bennett is turning into a little dude - with the curiosity and soul of an old man.  And Harper - well that sweet girl is getting on the bus tomorrow, and while I can still pick her up and she snuggles right in, she is growing up, too.  I don't want to stop it, I am proud of who they are becoming and I truly can't wait to see what's next - but maybe - just for tonight - let's slow it down...

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