Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bennett had an assignment for social studies to interview his oldest relative - whom he decided was Papa. He called Papa to set up a time to begin the interview earlier in the week.  Today was the appointment, so Bennett set himself up to take notes during the conference call.  Bennett learned all about Papa's childhood, and compared it to his own.  Papa talked about the difference in communicating with family ("there was only face to face - we didn't even use the phone and there was no internet." gasp!) and what he did for fun ("sledding and fishing and church pot lucks") and the favorite topic was differences in our daily luxuries.

Bennett finished his interview, loving all the "historical information" (his words) and pretty sure he would get an "A".  (ok, he's not going to get an "A".  They do not give letter grades.  He will likely get a 3, or a 4.  I didn't want to turn this blog posting into an explanation of standards based reporting. However, if you would like my opinion on the topic, just let me know...  It would be a simulating conversation, I'm sure.)

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