Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tonight, we had to organize Harper for her share day at school tomorrow. She had a bag in which she could pack some special items to show her friends. We also created a picture collage of some special people.
Then, we practiced the presentation and it went something like this... (For the record, I tried to video the practice, she refused, so I am using my best memory for the rest of this post.)
"Ok. Let's start with the pictures. Here are the pictures of all my special people. Ok, it's not actually ALL my special people, because I have a lot of them. These are the special people my mama found pictures of and that I could glue on the page. We had lots and lots of pictures, but not enough pages. My papa and grandpa and mollie and boo boo and kylee and tommy are special but not on the page." (This is where I interrupt and tell the girl to stick to the script. And she asks "what's that? I don't have one." And I regret my word choice, yet again. Get to the point!!)

"So here's my family, my whole family. This is me and my Grammy. Her name is Grammy. This is me and my Grampy, but his name is Grampy. His name is Grampy and Doug, too. This is my auntie. Her name is Colie, but also Nicole. My name is Nicole, too, because my mama wanted her sister to have the same name as me. And we have the same favorite book. I'll read it to you next. It's called "the paper bag princess" and the princess wears a bag and doesn't get married after all. This is my brother. He's a good brother and we are sitting on a rock at Rose Lake. That's where my Grammy and Grampy live, but they used to live on a farm." (Another interruption - move it along...)

Here's some really cute pictures when I was two and we were walking somewhere. This is me and my TT. She's not my auntie, just my T. She has 2 babies and guess where one is???? IN HER TUMMY!!! Yes, there are two babies, but only one is in her tummy and the others a real girl named LoLA!

(Interruption number 3... Poor Mrs. Hurdt, this share time may just take all morning long... God bless those kindergarten teachers.)

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