Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Open House day for our kindergartner was tonight.  This is the night you go meet your teacher, and drop off your supplies and check out the new digs.  Kinder open house is the night before the rest of the building - which is incredibly smart - as this can be overwhelming for many kids (our's included) and having less bodies in the building definitely helps.

Harps was nervous - but excited.  We chatted a bit prior to leaving the house.  We agreed there would be "NO THUMB SUCKIN'" and no tears.  Harper knew she could hold my hand, and stand real close, but she would participate in meeting and greeting her teacher, Mrs. Hurdt.  We practiced our deep breaths and away we went!

She was nervous, and hid her head for the first few minutes, but that's all it took.
  After a scavenger hunt around the room, and practicing her lunch number in the cafeteria and a bus ride on the big yellow bus -
Harper Nicole was counting the sleeps until kindergarten. 

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