Monday, January 30, 2017

Dessert.  Every single night, I know the question is coming from The Girl.  The sweet sweet girl, who was born with the sweetest tooth I have ever known.  And, 43% of the time, the answer is "yes".  On Dessert Night, a term she has ingeniously coined, our conversations go something like this...

H: MAMA!!!!!!!!!! Is it a Dessert Night??
Me: Yes.
    and she crawls up on the counter to select the items for her "dessert salad"
H: MAMA!!  How many points tonight?
Me: Six.
H: Okay.  MAMA!! Six points for my Dessert Salad?
Me: Yes, six.

Then the selection process begins.  Let me explain.  In the cupboard, there is a stash of candy.  Each candy has a designated point value.  M&Ms are .5 points, Starburst are 2 points, chocolate points vary on the type (mini peanut butter cups 1 point, twix 4 points, chocolate truffles 3 points...)  

Harper has to do the math to create her Dessert Salad.  She is smart, and nails it every time.  No wonder the girl got all 4s on her report card.

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