Friday, January 13, 2017

B: Hey, Mom.  Think we can plan a time for Logan to come over?
Mom: Sure!  Want to make it a sleepover?
B (thinking....): Ummm, no.  Probably not.  I mean, it sounds fun, but I need to get up really early for ice fishing on Saturday.  I should prob go to bed early.
Mom: Ok.  Let's make it happen.
B:  Hey, Mom.  We have some plans, I'll get you a list of the supplies we need.

Twenty minutes later...
B:  Here you go.  We might have to stop at Home Depot.
Mom: For what?!?!?
B: PVC pipe.
Mom.  No.  No. No. NO.
B (smiling coyly): What?
Mom: You are not making any type of gun.  No potato gun, no blow gun, no air gun.
B: Awww, Mom!!  What will we do then?
Mom: I'm sure you scientists will figure something out.

Ten minutes later
B: Ok.  Here's the modified list.
Mom: You need how much corn starch??

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