Friday, June 26, 2015

Bennett got the spend this entire week at Camp Invention. Pretty much the perfect camp for the Boy, as he got to invent and create prototypes for all kinds of creations. And, pretty much the perfect camp for me because Kylee was an instructor and she picked him up each morning and dropped him off each afternoon!! (Win win!) 

Today, Andy, Harper and I were able to attend the inventors showcase, and get to check out all the inventions from the campers. It was such a well run camp - and the inventors did not disappoint.
One of B's inventions was a Party Wallet. Because who doesn't need a wallet to keep your cash, but also packs a strobe light and a Bluetooth speaker?!?
Bennett's favorite parts of the week included making new friends, taking apart and reconstructing applicances, but mostly his carpooling with Kylee.

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