Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our sweet gemini gypsy decided to turn six today.  And Harper is just that - a true blue gemini. Harps is an quiet observer, yet will ask unending questions - always gathering information about her surroundings.  She is funny and quick witted - and if she actually attends the party, she is definitely the life of it.  She is practical and skilled at seeing both sides of an issue.  She is the peacemaker of arguments and is frequently heard trying to help her brother consider another side of a situation.  She is sensitive and emotional, yet can often times be the most practical one in the room.  She thrives on being independent; selecting the perfect outfit, cleaning her room, making lunches and working on crafts all alone, but she still begs to rock with mama and sucks her thumb snuggled up with her blanket and stuffed animals.

Our sweet girl is the epitome of Yin and Yang, and while we are not always sure which twin is waking up, we love them both always and forever and not matter what.

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