Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nicole has had jaw issues for years - dare I say - decades?  She has been preparing for her second double jaw surgery for months.  Braces, and ortho appointments and blog reading and blender research, and shopping for the perfect, freshest smoothie ingredients.  Finally, the time has arrived, and I left to help and hold her hand. (And fall in love with Tim Riggins...)

For the next 10 days, I will be in Madison.  My duties will include swapping ice and heatpacks, administering medicine and as many liquids as possible.
I will feed the kitties and watch loads of TV.  I will take pictures to highlight the daily progress, but I will not post them to the interweb.  (ok - I won't post many on the interweb...)
I will only cry one time, and after we are both feeling confident in her recovery, I will leave knowing that my sister is a real life super hero.  She is brave and strong and when I see her next time in real life, she will be able to eat a banana. I love you, Lucy.

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