Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's prime berry picking season, and we were up early and headed for the fields.  This situation was just another example of how our children share the same genes yet are so incredibly, wonderfully different.

Bennett was meticulous has he picked the strawberries.  One by one, getting every acceptable berry off each plant.  He set them gently in the box, not wanting to bruise the fruit.  He was quiet, and efficient, and fast - because (of course) he wanted to beat the girls and pick the most.

Harper picked a berry, ripe or not, and threw it in the box.  Then, she took a couple skips down the row, to find her next berry.  The chatted up the people in the next row (surprisingly) and was done picking after about 86 seconds.  She then decided to practice her "track star skills" and ran up and down the field. After a comment from the boys, Harper became aware of the picking competition, and grabbed a handful of berries, and shouted "We win!!! Girls win!!!" then continued her training for the olympics.

Home again, home again, you know the rest.

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